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Automotive Tinting
Automotive Tinting

automotive tinting

Window tint for your car, truck, or SUV helps reduce glare, keeps your vehicle cool even on the hottest days, and protects your interior from the harmful effects of UV radiation. If you're looking for the benefits of window tinting in London, Ontario, please contact us.

Commercial Tinting

commercial tinting

Tint King Solar Control provides an entire range of commercial window tinting solutions in London, Ontario. To meet your custom requirements, our trained consultants will be happy to arrange for a no-obligation, no-cost estimate at your convenience.

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Residential Tinting

residential tinting

Windows can be your home's number one energy waster. Our quality window films can improve energy efficiency without the incredible expense of replacement windows.

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Tint King is a Certified 3M PPF (Paint Protection Film) Dealer.