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commercial tinting

Commercial Tinting
There are many different reasons and potential applications for window films in commercial use. Beyond the obvious benefits in reducing glare, improving climate control and the cost savings associated with this, there are film applications that provide privacy, increase security, and add decorative touches to make your office space unique.

Tint King Solar Control provides an entire range of commercial solutions to meet your custom requirements. Our trained consultants will be happy to arrange for a no-obligation, no-cost estimate at your convenience. We are your one-stop shop for window tinting in London, Ontario.

Choose us for your business to install:

  • Custom Decorative Films - Corporate Logos or Names
  • Privacy Films
  • Solar Control Tint Solutions
  • Security Films

When it comes to commercial films, we mean business. There is a window film for every potential application.

  • Privacy Films - Help to create custom spaces in open concept areas, provide security on external windows, and enhance your workspace with a decorative touch
  • Window Film A Smart Business Investment - Productivity and work comfort increase as heat loads and direct sun fatigue diminish; cold spots are eliminated as glare is reduced. In many cases, privacy is increased and the building acquires a uniform, aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Security Films - Help protect your valuables from theft by break-in with our custom security films. Strength and beauty come together to provide you piece of mind.

our most commonly used tints

blocks out 99% uv rays!

*Note: Shade darkness my vary depending on your monitor display settings. For the most accurate representation of each shade, come in to see us.

dual reflective 5%

century signature 35%

century signature 45%

century signature 60%

no tint

Come in to see our full line of frosted and silver tints.

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Tint King is a Certified 3M PPF (Paint Protection Film) Dealer.